Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Sue Sallie Mae for Harassment Violations, Help me file a class action lawsuit against Sallie Mae.

Have you been receiving calls from 765-283-3176? I have and more than eight times a day at times. Although Sallie Mae claims the number above belongs to them, it is interesting that Sallie Mae and the number listed above which shows as MCC on the caller ID have the same introduction. What makes it more intriguing is that although Sallie Mae claims to not be affiliated with this number, it is more interesting to know that everyone who receives calls from this number is in one way or another in debt with Sallie Mae. Especially Students. I went on my search online and found this valuable and helpful information that has made be create a class action lawsuit against Sallie Mae.

I created this blog for the sole purpose of gathering enough Sallie Mae harassment victims and help me file a class action lawsuit against Sallie Mae and it's illegal practices of harassment. I owe Sallie Mae approximately 38,,000. I was laid off in September of 2007 and have been able to make payments regularly, that is until I ran out of money in January 2008. I began receiving many calls some which were extremely rude. What's worse is that Sallie Mae only gave me two options. I either paid for my loans or my Dad would. When I told Sallie Mae we would not be able to make payments because of my unemployment and because of my Dad's low income they said those were the options. To Sally Mae as long as you make 2,000.00 YOU DO NOT QUALIFY FOR DEFERMENT! My father only makes close to 2,000.00 a month, not to mention nearly 1,000.00 goes to the mortgage payment and the rest for bills. Sallie Mae does not seem to care, and so this is where Sallie Mae's harassment begins. I began receiving calls at weird hours from numerous companies representing Sallie Mae and some were just plain rude. Being tired of the Creditors calling I went on my search online and what do you know?! Many are also being harassed by Sallie Mae but do nothing about filing a class action law suit instead they hope someone else has started it already. How can it get started when no one makes an effort! I am here to start what no one else seems to want to start. In order for me to file a class action lawsuit I need a minimum of 400 people. Once I achieve this... we can take Sallie Mae to court and get back what we once had! Our PEACE! 

Below are a few links I believe you will find helpful and I urge you to post your experience with Sallie Mae and if you have been harrased. I would be extremely grateful if you contact me and help me take Sallie Mae to court and win. In the next post I will describe my problems at the moment and how Sallie Mae is causing extreme stress and depression within me. 


amcgraphic said...

The program that is designed to Help is really designed to HURT.
My story if anyone cares. I graduated high school and went to college. After I left home and began my education my mother married a man and my expected family contribution went up. I still thought going to college would give me a brighter future than my single parent trailer park upbringing, so I kept going. I had no real contribution from family except for the occasional bag with some soup and green beans, it was all me. I worked minimum wage jobs and tried to be as close to a full time student as I could which just took longer in turn accruing larger amounts due because I lived in the dorms most of the time.

I finally made it thru all the hardship and graduated in December of 2002. I moved home and looked forward to beginning my career with a simple dream getting my own place and upgrading my car. I can prove that I sent out hundreds of apps, and resumes. That was my job. I couldn’t find anyone who would hire me out of my field because they didn’t want to train someone over qualified that would leave. In my field they wanted experience. I had no idea what to do about my loans and no one to turn to, just me. So everything defaulted. I was alone and just seriously had no clue what to do or what I was getting into. I actually worked as the Easter bunny at the mall and other small things like that to get by. I didn’t land a great job that I topped of at $10 per hour at until March of 2006. By the way, I am still driving the same old car from back then.

So I managed to get my bills out of default except for my student loans. They work a bit differently in order to screw you as much a possible. I have paid $6,180 of voluntary payments and $3,000 in involuntary yet my loan is still in default status. They tell me I own is $7,000 higher than it started and there seems to be no record of payment at all. I want to know where they come up with this number if they want me to pay. I don’t think I should have to pay to a black hole. I should have some rights as an American. It’s a simple request to be able to see where your payment is applied isn’t it?

So I have TAPE RECORDED my last conversation with the new default person and my, oh my, is it interesting. This is just one incident of many.

He called me the 18th at work and told me he was going to garnish me if I didn’t set up a plan immediately. I said I would be happy to set up a plan when I get something in writing of how they came up with the amount I owe. Also that I want something in writing explaining how the plan he wants me in actually works and if that is all I can do to get my loan out of default is enter this expensive program. He basically said impossible. Next day the 19th, he calls back to my work I tell him to cease and desist calling me there. Next day on the 20th he calls back to my work and gets transferred to me. He said he didn’t break the cease and desist because he got transferred and if I didn’t set up a payment plan immediately he’d call back and get transferred to my payroll and garnish my wages.
So I left work very upset, stopped at the store got a blank tape called 1-877-ftc-help they told me what he did can be reported as harassment and as a threat which I reported. Then I called him back. On tape I state that I want an assertion of my loan because I dispute the amount and I am not sure how they came up with it. I repeat since you won’t send me anything in writing several times which they won’t. He says he is really is not sure how I can get anything in writing because I’ll just get the number to call him back and he has no payment history info. He said that how the payment plan works is you set it up over the phone and then they send you a contract that you must sign. So I was told that I must enter a verbal agreement over the phone that evening for the amount I questioned and that I don’t need to get anything in writing first or my wages would be garnished and the process begins the next day. The tape also shows how he broke my ceize and desists. I was told I must call back by 9:00 that night and enter the plan or there would be nothing I could do to stop the wage garnishment ever for the entire amount. I was told entering that plan is the absolute only way out of default. Which I just don’t believe, I just want to know if there is any other way than this expensive rehabilitation program. He also states how it is a vicious cycle to get more money and that’s just how it works. Basically I am just supposed to take it. However I would like to fight before being raped.

It makes no since how people can barrow $20,000 for a car and make payments, have access to a payment history and get it paid off. But a student loan from Sallie Mae you make payments and your amount due goes up. I would like to make a payment right now, but where the hell is it applied? Even though I defaulted I have the right to see where every penny I am told to pay back comes from.

This has ruined my life. I am 31 and can never get married because this will become my husband’s problem. I can’t responsibly feel I can have children if I’m so uncertain about my financial security. I would not want to raise a child with basically nothing like I had. I work all the time and can’t even get a new car probably ever.

I want to participate in a class action law suit for the inhumane practices of this system. I want to pay and they make it just a hard, wrong, impossible, unbelievable lifelong nightmare if you default and try to stand up for your rights. At this point I literally have nothing to lose.

It is a scam designed to make you an indentured servitude for your life if you have the misfortune of defaulting which is what they want. They don’t tell you when you’re a wide eyed kid trying to have a future that you will become a deer in headlights about to be hit by a bus every day when the phone rings.

Cindy said...

My husbands wages were being garnished. Almost 500.00 a month and for middle class, that suffers a family. After a year of garnishments estimated at over 5,000.00 for that year we receive a letter from them threatening to garnish my husbands wages if 3,000.00 was not paid in full. After tha anxiety calmed some I called Pioneer (aka a loan rehabilitator or what I call....Sallie Mae) they told me it was the same loan that was already garnished and the 3,000.00 was the approximate remaining balance. I was so pissed! I said, "Then why in the hell can't they stated that and include a payment schedule or and least include a list of payments maded and approximate date it will be paid off"?!! They will not send you payment information at all to at least inform you of important payments made! Instead, (this is the real shit)they tell me I will have to get this information from my husband's Human Resourses department. When you are in debt to Sallie Mae you are screwed! All you get told is it's the government and there is nothing you can do yet if it were any other student loan they would be sued senseless!

Qualitative Insights said...

Hi All,

I've received two calls on (yesterday) and today, both at the same time 8:30pm PST! I have a 15k loan, wich I took out two months ago and have made $300 per month payments since. I actually got my first voice mail today with a very robotic man on the line claiming to be from Sallie Mae.

Stefanie Garcia said...

I have been making payments monthly they say my monthly payment should be $900! i make 1,500 a month! i refuse. I've been told for the last two months if i pay 275 plus an extra 180 i'll be allowed to pay 275 for the next 13 months and thats still hurting my pocket...well friday i called and ended up talking to a supervisor who refused to let me do this even though i was told i could a week earlier! The woman had the nerve to tell me that $150. for food a month was to much for one person! than she said that she wanted 350 a month instead which would be all of my disposable income...when i told her i couldn't do that because i need to go on my works insurance which would be 180 and i wouldn't be able to have a life! (i don't already because of student loan bills) she told me "people like you who owe a lot of money don't deserve to have a life!" i couldn't believe it. They play games constantly like this. one time a gentleman told me i was going to be defaulted because i haven't been making payments and haven't contacted them in over a year! when in reality i spoke to someone a week earlier!!!! not to mention the constant phone calls and even a call to my employer! they act like i haven't been making payments!!! i want to sue them but the lawyer we contacted has yet to get back to us. If you are serious about a suit please email me
this is causing me to become seriously depressed and enraged just talking to these people. We need to do something about this.

Unknown said...

I have been receiving calls from them for many months 8x per day for someone that doesn't even own that number.

The worst part is that you can't even talk to anyone! the system is set up thinking that you are that person.

The call asks you to press 1 if you are that person or 2 if you need time to go get that person. That is the only option. I just stayed on the phone to see if an operator would come on but they didn't. It would just come back one final time and say press 5 to take a message for that person then hang up.

I am not pressing 1 because I am not that person nor is that the right number. The last time some chick ask to speak to them and I told her to stop calling and an hour later they call again.

I called the number back and got an operator and told them to take me off. I am not giving anyone any information because I am sure they have caller id to recognize the number.

This is the worst form of harassment I have ever seen especially when they have to wrong number that should be illegal especially when you can't get anyone to take you off. They call from different numbers for sometime and then switch them up all the time.

Anonymous said...

Is this class action lawsuit still going? Please help and send.information.