Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Knowing YOUR RIGHTS Against Creditors Such As Sallie Mae

Those Harassing Phone Calls

Debt collectors’ phone calls are the most common and annoying symptom of insurmountable debt. You’ve tried reasoning with them - they won’t listen. You’ve asked them to leave you alone - they won’t. You’ve told them that you don’t have the money to pay them this month – they call you the next day. Many people will change their phone numbers; many will simply never answer their phone. The phone rings every five minutes, every day of the week.

If you tell the debt collector that you don’t have the money to pay the debt, what possible reason could they have to call you four minutes later?

Those who had endured the endless phone calls have no doubt asked themselves:

  • Can they call me this often?
  • Can they be this rude to me?
  • Can they really ask me for a post dated check?
  • Can they call my family? My employer? My neighbors?

Debt collectors are regulated by both federal and state consumer protection laws that afford consumers the ability to sue and collect money for having to endure the abuses of a debt collector. Generally speaking, collectors are not allowed to conduct themselves in a manner that is meant to abuse or harass. They aren’t allowed to use false threats or interfere with your job as a means to collect a debt. For more information see Creditor Harassment

Stopping the Calls

Let them know you are aware of your rights! The penalties for breaking this law are steep and for the most part all debt collectors and creditors abide by it. 

The second best way to stop the phone calls is to retain a lawyer. Once a debt collector knows that you are represented by any attorney, they can only communicate with your attorney - that means, no more phone calls. And if a debt collector decides to call you, even though they know you have an attorney, they will have violated the Fair Debt Collections Practices Act and can be sued for money damages. 


lisa oswalt said...

We want to file a law suit - need your story and contact info - send to - as in college students against predatory practices - ENOUGH IS ENOUGH

Kisso said...

Been harassed by salliemae on all numbers provided by auto dial wait time Over 90 mins still no luck getting live person tried to call them to fix problem no agents avail hold times two hrs try on line site was down all summer for months finally spoke yo someone and they red flagged us cannot obtain student loans no valid reason